Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lot's o' links

In which I apologize and carry on....

Hangs head
Right. Well. It's been a minute, hasn't it. I have been super busy and neglected the blog. If this was the days of old, I would need to be stoned in the streets or at least flogged. Thanks to humanitarians everywhere. I will not endure any pain for lack of commitment. As with all of you, I'm sure, I am braving the swarms of women in housecoats trying to find the best deals while avoiding charges of assault for taking the last Wolford Velvete de Luxe Legging.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I went to see him and the fam in Spokane, WA. My Pops is fantastic. We weren't close when I was a kid. You've heard the story of a broken home before so no need to run through that. I ate Thanksgiving dinner, the entire menu, 3 nights in a row. So on the 4th night, Pizza! But I digress. I had a blast, even though, there was snow on the ground. Which made me pull over and change drivers while I hyperventilated. Had to wake sleeping beauty. It was good to visit Shane and Dustin, my kid brothers. And of course my fabulous, step-Mom Hyo Shim. Dad showed off some toys. I went shopping with Hyo. I got to see the cutest wedding pics EVAR!Them.
I could go on and on with flickr links but I will give it a rest and say this... On the way home Sunday morning, there was not snow. There was however, fog.

It was a long 3 hour ride home. I felt like I could use a weekend from my weekend. But I went back to work, like a big girl. Yesterday,Mush and I kicked some major ass in the queue. Today, she is off. I'll be alone from 1pm until close. Should be a shit ton of fun. For those that don't know what a shit ton is.... It's way more than a ton. *giggles*

Victor, my co-worker, came back from his Thanksgiving in Maui. He brought us all key chains. There is a pic of mine in flickr but I said I would stop with the links. I must resist.

In other news.... Gibblesnix has posted 2 blogs in one week!! Which allowed him the opportunity to give me shit for the lack of blog on my part. You win this round, grasshopper. I will overcome my blockage. *again I giggle*

And finally, I break my promise and say on a side note.. My pops gave us, yet another computer while we hung around, eating his food. That gives each of the kids one. 3 total (my nephew included). So tonight. My plan, other then watching this is to do some networking. *so sue me. it's a flickr pic* I lie, apparently. It's part of my charm. Notice it's ALL Encore products. Secret= it's free from the employer.

*Curtsy and I'm out*