Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blah, blah, blah

In which I'm wearing the same pants as yesterday. I am bored and talk about a bunch of nothing until you are bored with me.

It's been snowing and freezing all week here. *no plows, no sand, no salt* All of the emergency vehicles are wearing chains. And driving around looking for accidents.*I assume* Schools are on a 2 hour delay. With the exception of today, which they closed session completely. In anticipation of the coming winter storm that is expected later this evening. Right. Because what happens after school hours effects the school day. At least on the parallel universe. I have so much faith in the Walla2 educators now.

I stayed up late last night. Playing Bejeweled 2 on the iTouch. I reached level 20 before deciding I should just put it down and crawl into bed. Which is exactly what I did. Without taking my pants off, I might add. Then I woke at 8:30am needing to be in the office by 9:00am. Remember we spoke of the ice. No time to get ready or, you know, change my clothes. I am, indeed, wearing the same brown cords as yesterday. Without a shower. I don't have hot water in the bathroom. It's so cold it froze the hot water while running. Yay! For winter. One day without a shower is fine. More then one day, may just be gross.

Twice, I have thought my car doors were frozen shut and both times they were locked. It's really odd because I never lock my doors. But whatever. The 30 minutes we spent pouring water on it and using a hairdryer and extension cord was fun anyway. I guess I have an IQ of 175 75, afterall. *sigh* Oh well.

An update on the concert tickets. I has them. It's official, I get to see angry-white-boys with mommy-issues live in January.

My "wrong-number-texter" has been writing more often. *back story* Veteran's Day, I received a text:

Cali dude: "Happy Veteran's Day. Sure did change us, bro."

I responded: "I think you have the wrong number but Happy Veteran's Day. Thanks for your service."

Since then, he writes every now and then. He's pretty funny. One text:

Cali Dude: "I'm sitting at the DMV right now. Entertain me."

If I ever meet him. You know. In real life.
Or if we continue talking for years. We will have a fantastic "How we met" story. Or not. Either way. He did send me some pics the other night. He's a hottie. Maybe even enough for H-A-W-T!

In other news*
I can tell people are, in fact, reading my blogs but the only commenter's seem to be my friends Goblinbox and Gibblesnix. And I SUPER *heart* them for it. <3 I would also love, love,love, to talk to random strangers about my Dear Diary type entries. Which they all tend to be. Except for one big difference. They are entered into the blogosphere for everyone to read. Honestly, that appeals to be on so many levels. I may have more then a few issues.

That's about all for now. More later.

*curtsy and I'm out*

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