Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear crack head(s) that stole my stereo

I begin a small rant....

The victim

If you were at the Toyota Center on 12-2-2008 ripping a car stereo from the above car, this letter is for you. I would like to thank you for making things just a tad harder for us right before Christmas. Really. I love a challenge. It's not as if I, a single mom, am not having difficult enough of a time in this current economy. Providing for 2 kids on one income and helping to support her mother that cannot work. Who needs a frivolous luxury like a stereo in a car? It's not as if I loan the car to my brother who has to drive 160 miles round trip to work and needed a vehicle that is good on gas mileage. The same brother that parked said vehicle at the Toyota Center tonight while he attended his union meeting. Although the noise does help to keep him awake behind the wheel at 4am in the morning while he drives from Walla Walla to Hanford to help build the plants that will clean up the tons of nuclear waste that could be seeping into Columbia River or our drinking water. Oh wait! That is exactly the situation, on all points!

You sir(s), suck ass! It's bad enough that you yanked the stereo from it's perfect-fitting, designated spot and you left this big gaping hole.Then you must not have liked my taste in music because you threw my CD's all over the floor and ground. Sheesh! Did you have to add to the disrespect? Did you, by chance, give any thought to the frayed wires that you left behind? Let me enlighten you of the safety hazard. After the initial, "I wish I would have caught the asshole(s) in the act" pissed off-ness passed. He started down the road only to see sparks coming from the wires. Thankfully, he had the tools and equipment to fix the frayed mess. The time spent on the repair cost him precious minutes that he desperately needs for sleep.

I know this matters not to you. After all, you can get what, 15 or 20 dollars for the radio? That's a good rock! All I can say is I hope you choke on the smoke and get a pulmonary embolism, YOU WANKERS!

*Deep breath and exhale*
Since I believe in Karma... I will take that last statement back *excluding the WANKER part. I meant that* You obviously needed the money from ripping me off. So, I will hope you find help for yourself. I hope you will make it up sometime in your life by doing something useful for someone else. I will not wish bad events upon you. My guess is your life isn't daisies and sunshine. But you choose to live it how you do. Because everything comes down to a choice. I wish you a Merry Christmas anyway. I pray you have someone in this world that loves you and have faith you might learn to love yourself. Unless you want to come by and steal my daughter's barbie bicycle? It has a basket on it and a cool bell! YOU WANKER!

*Curtsy and I'm out*


  1. Sad but true that there are a number of sorry people in the world.

  2. That totally blowz

  3. True dat KJ! But... Rita is giving
    me her old stereo that my Pops gave

    Yay! For the Rita