Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful Bento Goodness

In which I am falling in love (not with a boy...eww) WITH BENTO
and I give you pictures

Super cute baby bento

Yesterday, Mush surprised me and her BF *who really needs to blog* with Bento goodness *see above*. Yay! They are soo good. Srsly. She makes me want to be a Bento lover too.

Today. I came to work on a mission to purchase concert tickets. The first ROCK show is coming to the Tri-Cities in 15 years. I, myself, haven't been to one since Queensryche and *I think it was* Winger. Gah! How old am I? Anyway, I went to the local station, where I am a VIP family member, and used my secret, pre-sale code to buy my tickets so I don't have to wait in long lines, with crowds of "slayer dude" kids, only to discover it was all for not because the venue sold out. First, I couldn't get the debit card to go through because the effin credit union wanted to verify the company (Ticketmaster) first. Finally, it went through and I reserved 4 seats close to the stage! Fantastic, right? Not so much. I opted for fast tickets that I can print at me convenience. Ha! I can't get to them. *There was an error retrieving your tickets. Please contact customer service*. I have emailed them because the phone system is, apparently, flooded with the "Slayer dude" kiddo's. So. Now. I. Wait.

Around 11:18am, I was told I would be going shopping for the lot of us at the "office". Walmart shopping is always an adventure. We go and get all kinds of junk food and then eat it. It took unusually long today, two trips and three carts full. Looks like this:
The BMI shopping experience

Then, just when I resigned myself to eating cheesesticks and sunflower seeds..this was escorted to me by Mush.

Bonus bento from goblinbox

Not only is it adorable, it's so tasty. *Confession: I have never eaten pomegranate seeds before!* They are totally slammin! Absolutely a new fav. for me. Seriously! This was so delicious! Best lunch, in like, EVAR!

*Curtsy and I'm out*

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