Sunday, February 28, 2010


In which they're just vowels and consonants until they actually mean something....

Have you ever thought that words are just letters? Vowels and consonants that have definitions according to Webster but they, by themselves, don't mean anything at all? I made myself believe that that for two weeks.

Back story [Experiences of a main character taking place prior to the main action, which contribute to character motivations and reactions]

Do you remember the television show in the 80's My Two Dads? This young girl had two dads. She loved them equally as much even though they were complete opposite personalities. I didn't have 2 men who could possibly be my biological father, but I had two dads all the same. My biological dad was never close to me. He was a military man and didn't quite know how to relate to a young female. Not to fault him, he has tried to make up and get to know me as an adult. I love him for that. I had another man step in when I needed him. He wasn't required to be my dad, he wanted to be my dad.

In the beginning, it was not rainbows and sunshine. Far from it. I had lost trust in men. (A story too long to get into so we will leave it at that for now) I felt it was my duty to push this guy as far as I could to see just what would break him.