Tuesday, December 9, 2008


In which I can't help feeling the joy....

My kids house Creative juices are a-flowin. This week has just begun and I have already got so much done. The house is pretty much done on the outside.
We usually make a gingerbread house but the kids are getting older so, now they want to be all individual like, for some reason. *shrugs* I conceded to their requests and allowed them to each make their own. It was a blast. The boys worked together and made a fabulous house. My daughter designed hers as well. We all chipped in on the tree. I have the Christmas candles throughout the house which makes it smell soooo good. A combination of cookies and pumpkin pie. You know what they say about the scent of pumpkin, don't you?

The office is decorated now as well. Including Mush's area, complete with ense ense ense sound effects provided by myself. *giggle* She has a total of 500 feet of flashing, white-light, goodness! While I enjoy the time away from the phones, I have reconsidered my volunteerism in the office. Garland and tumb-tacs in stucco-ish walls= mild pain. I learned 2 things yesterday. a)If you make a fist while holding tacs, you will get stabbed. and 2) You can actually bruise the tip of your thumb.

In a side note:
Mush brought me the adorable-est (in her words)"super smiley snack bento" EVAR!! Look!!!
I know what I am having for lunch, bitches. Yay!

*Curtsy and I'm out*

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