Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In which I drone on about stuff in real life.

I quit or I'm in the process of quitting smoking. It sucks. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't suck. Have you seen this commercial? Yeah, it's kind of, exactly like that. But the benefits will outweigh the suck in the end. Plus, I can't smoke anywhere other than my yard, my car and in the bathroom at the bar (but I totally have to blame it on the girl in the next stall who is even more wasted than me).

At least once a week I will post visual aids for my own motivation. I will be a world traveler. Because what I really want to do is get lost in Ireland all by myself. Maybe even kiss a pretty boy. It's pretty decent motivation but so is money and health.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I drink and William Shakespeare makes me cry

In which I had a good time.

I had my second annual date with Michelle to see Shakespeare Uncork'd. We had a few cocktails of the Vodka kind. Pissed off some dude by being on our wireless devices and on Twitter instead talking to each other or him. Whatever. Walked into the amphitheater almost on time. I loved it! This year was Much Ado About Nothing. I thought it was even better than last year. I laughed. I cried. I tried to hide my crying until I heard Michelle sniffling beside me. YES! I was not alone in my nerdiness.

Dark Will

After the show we went to the Peony (not the plants but the bar) We had a few more cocktails. I think I super-sized mine by this point.

The Wager

In which I give something up to get something I really want.

I have wanted to go to Ireland forever. Also, London. I talk about all the time. (Obsession is a theme for me people) My mom, who hears most of my "I really want to go to Ireland" whining, made me an offer. She said if I quit smoking, save the money that I would've spent on cigarettes and use it for a trip to Ireland, she will watch my kids for 1 whole week. Are you serious? Hell to the yes!!! (<----said in my best ghetto styling) I set a date for August 15, 2010.

What? You miss me?

In which the 3 readers I had may miss my blah-blah-blog

I stopped writing because nothing ever happens. Not really anyway. Then the Internet broke up with me. I tried to call every once in a while but our schedules conflicted. I lost my phone. Bought a new phone. The Blackberry Curve. (Mine is purple and pretty) There is a App World. My favorite app is Twitter. I send messages to Twitter like All. The. Time. What is my point. My point is I will blog a little about the tiny events in my life. We'll start with my fangirl idiocy.

I'm much too lazy to post links to the entire conversation but I responded on Twitter to Rob Thomas' (AKA @ThisIsRobThomas)question in my traditional smartass manner and he totally tweeted back to me. *SQUEEEEE* I did this whole fangirl dance and fist pump thing in the kitchen about 35 minutes later. I was trying to be cool.

I have decided I'm going to approach this blogging thing in a different way. I'm not going to worry about content. I'm just going to take you along for the ride. I have plans and obsessions. I'm going to use this for that. Yep.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

You have been weighed...measured and found wanting

In which this is exactly why I will never get married..

Fiction! That is why. Fictional men are waaay better than real men. Not just the men but the whole depiction of love is better in fiction. I think it started for me with Little Women. Or maybe it was Romeo and Juliet. Where ever it started, it continues and I, literally, just figured it out. Just now. After reading the story of how desperately in love Romeo is with Juliet or Mr Darcy and Elizabeth or even Heathcliff and Catherine or more recent, Edward and Bella my relationship(s) will never measure up when I can't even get him to take out the garbage for fuck sake!

I blame fiction for my inability to ever show up at my own wedding.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


In which they're just vowels and consonants until they actually mean something....

Have you ever thought that words are just letters? Vowels and consonants that have definitions according to Webster but they, by themselves, don't mean anything at all? I made myself believe that that for two weeks.

Back story [Experiences of a main character taking place prior to the main action, which contribute to character motivations and reactions]

Do you remember the television show in the 80's My Two Dads? This young girl had two dads. She loved them equally as much even though they were complete opposite personalities. I didn't have 2 men who could possibly be my biological father, but I had two dads all the same. My biological dad was never close to me. He was a military man and didn't quite know how to relate to a young female. Not to fault him, he has tried to make up and get to know me as an adult. I love him for that. I had another man step in when I needed him. He wasn't required to be my dad, he wanted to be my dad.

In the beginning, it was not rainbows and sunshine. Far from it. I had lost trust in men. (A story too long to get into so we will leave it at that for now) I felt it was my duty to push this guy as far as I could to see just what would break him.