This is me, looking at you.
 There isn't a lot to tell you 'about me'. I write in this blog for myself. If I entertain you, even better. I started blogging because a co-worker told me too. Quite frankly, she scared me. Seriously, I enjoy writing and never do it enough. Here is my synopsis of me: 
 I say inappropriate things at inappropriate times.  I've never been married but, I have two children.  I have a 5 year plan to be the cat lady. Your typical "sinner". I like Zombies, Top Chef and a host of other things. If I were to list them, it would just look like word salad. I have The Twitter so, I fall behind on blogging often. I will likely offend or bore you at some point, you should know this going in. I will have errors in syntax, grammar and possibly spelling for this is a blog and not a novel. 

If there was a sarcastic font, it would be the font I used all the time. That means don't be all judge-y because that's just dumb. Oh! I also do these things often: make-up words of the swear variety, hit my head....a lot, trip, sing, dance, show you things I like/want and laugh. 

Right. I'm done talking.

Also, here's my cat, Petey Pablo.