Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 4 of the sickness diary

In which I totally think I have the bird flu....

I have not blogged lately due to illness. I can produce a note from my mother if needed. Do you remember when you were sick and all you had to do was lay in bed? I do. Not anymore of course. Because I am a mom now. Therefore, my mom will not come and check to see if I have a fever by kissing my forehead and bringing me some soup. I get this instead, "There's nothing you can do. Mom's don't get a day off." *Sigh* Where did her sympathy go?

I have been sleeping in excess though. Still feeling a little weak, mostly due to lack of food probably. I haven't eaten since friday and it is now monday. You know that question of, is it worth eating this now to feel bad later? My answer to that question was and is no. I have been smoking the same pack of cigarettes since friday. I think I should just quit. Maybe this sickness is how I will attain every New Years resolution I have ever made, EVAR! Quit smoking, lose weight and get more rest. Check. Check. And check.

I had a fever ranging between 102.7 and 103.2 for three days. It finally broke. I feel a little better. I think I might be dehydrated. I kept having a dream last night. The same one over and over. I was in the desert and had a 32 ounce cup of water. I kept sucking on the straw but it was broken so I couldn't get any water. Then I tried to take the lid off but it was stuck. There I was, dying of thirst, while holding the life saving fluid in my hands. I woke up, finally. And got a drink.

*curtsy and I'm out*

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