Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's the day before the night before......

In which I feel human again and spread love...

I am still a touch sick. But nowhere near as I was. Ugh. Thankfully, that has passed. Right. Today is Christmas Eve *day*. I start to get excited for tomorrow. I remember waking up in the very early morning hours, begging to open presents. But my sleepy mother would say, "Socks only". So. Me and my brothers, would open our stockings to find the traditional fruit and candy, plus a few toys. Sometimes, those toys would hint at something to come. Sometimes, there would be batteries, then I knew I was getting something that required batteries. Which AWESOME! I never understood why my mom was sooo tired Christmas morning. That is until I had children. Now I know why she prayed for just 1 more hour of sleep when we woke her at 4 am. She had only been sleeping for 40 minutes. There is so much to do. Well. Not. This. Year.

This is the year where I got smart. I finished most everything *including wraping* before Christmas Eve. The big things are left and that's it. I feel like I outsmarted Christmas! Except for this one little thing..... I bought a 200 pound trampoline! Which I was going to set up on Christmas Eve and just when my son had his "I appreciate everything I have but I cannot help hiding the disappointment that I didn't get the one thing I wanted" look. I would throw the front door open and there in the front yard, with a giant red bow, is his trampoline! And I was MOM-OF-THE-YEAR!!! But here's what happened.. Feet upon feet of snow!! So, instead of setting up the trampoline and calling it a night. I will be digging a hole then setting up the trampoline. It will be a late, cold night. Christmas, won again.

At 4am tomorrow morning, my kids will come to wake me and beg to open presents. I will mumble, "Socks only".

Merry Christmas Everyone!

*curtsy and I'm out*

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