Friday, January 30, 2009

Goodbye liquid sunshine

In which I am trying to be a quitter

I used to drink Coca~Cola but quit because I didn't want to be reliant on the caffeine. The headache sucked but after a week, I was fine. Yesterday, I had a Coke at lunch and for some reason it didn't taste as sweet as I remembered. Which proved that I don't miss it. But I was doing some math the last night and figured out that what I switched to has more calories and sugar than the soda pop did. Just not caffeine. Lemonade. Sweet nectar. Also very good with vodka. *I'm just saying* I have decided today is the last lemonade day. If I want some in the future. I will make my own. Using Splenda instead of sugar. I found so much more then plain lemonade on their recipes. The yum. And no calories. Because people. Do the math with me. 8 ounces of lemonade (Minute Maid) has 220 calories. *all from sugar, I am sure* Now. I drink about two 32 ounce fountain drinks a day! So, 64 divided by 8 equals 8. Eight servings a day at 220 calories a day equals a grand total of 1760 calories!!! Is that right? That can't be right. Can it? I don't know people. I wasn't a math major.
I was human services major. *math ugh* If that is correct and the daily caloric limit for a female should be 2,000 calories a day, I should only be eating 240 calories of food a day! Now what if it is supposed to 1,500? I wouldn't be allowed to eat at all! O. M. G. Not just a light going off right now but FLOOD LIGHTS! I have talked about quiting my lemonade habit for some time now. But found myself drinking it anyway within a day or two. *or hours* My motivation for blogging about it.. To make it real. I don't like failure. I have to prove to myself, I can do it. So, here it is. In writing. For the entire 5 of you that read my blog. *snort* I warn you now. This may become "The Lemonade Journal". As with any addict, I will be having my last dance with my sweet nectar today. An affair that is over needs to be celebrated first. Overindulged. Over dramatic much. But I have a love affair with Minute Maid Lemonade. NO MORE! I am breaking up with you! It's over. Sure I will think about you. I will wonder if you miss my kiss as much as I miss yours. *Now we have drama*


  1. 1,760 calories... in beverage alone? Ye gods! You must have flipped the fuck out!