Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got Obama for my Birthday

I had yet another birthday this year. Yesterday to be exact. There has been a debate in my family. *Sparked mainly by myself as a child* I believed I should get two birthdays because of the international time difference on the day of my birth. I was born in Seoul, S.Korea on the 21st of January. In the U.S.A it was the 20th. Therefore, I somehow rationalized that I should be entitled to 2 birthdays. My dad, now retired Army, was stationed at the real MASH 4077. You all know MASH, right? I found some pictures on this great site about Camp Mosier. *Which is where my family was stationed when I was born* He had awesome pictures of the camp in 1972, just three years prior to my birth. See them here. I thought to myself, "Leftcoastgirlie, (because that's how I talk to myself) you should put actual pics of when you were there." But then I thought. "That requires finding the pictures. Scanning them. Uploading them to my flickr and using the html and posting them to the blog. *sigh* I am just too lazy for all that." Here's the main part of the-day-I-was-born-story. Mom was in ambulance from Camp Mosier to Seoul and a bunch of locals hitched a ride on the back so they could get into the city. I came home a couple days later. My mom took me to Rosie bar. Rosie stood on a chair and looks down at baby me. She said "That no Korean baby!" My mom responded, "I hope not. Her dad is a G.I."

What did I get for my birthday, you ask? My nephew gave me an unicorn. Which I promptly named Morgana. My mom gave me a black sweater. My kids gave a a black shirt with skulls on it so I can wear it to my brother's birthday gift. You know. The angry white boys with Mommy issues concert. Or Disturbed. My son also said his gift to me was Obama being President since he was sworn in on my Korean birthday. So, after 34 years. I finally got 2 birthdays. But then I got IBM ThinkPad from Goblinbox! Because she is the AWESOMEST EVAR!! I took it home touched for hours. It didn't even complain that we didn't have sex. It's my new boyfriend.

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  1. LOL!

    I'm glad you gave it a new home. KEEP THAT FAMILY AWAY FROM IT.