Monday, January 12, 2009

I sucketh

In which I realize how much I suck for not blogging......

Here's the thing. It's been 10 whole days since I last blogged and I keep thinking, " What am I going to write about?" Which then makes me realize how lame I really am. So, you will have to bare with me on this little blog-o-journey. Not sure where it will take us.

We finally opened our Secret Santa gifts last friday at work. There was a mini-blizzard in December and a bunch of us are Sissy la-la's that worked from home. Friday was the first time since December 12th we were all in the office. Considering that we only have a total of 13 employees (including the bosses) it should not have been quite so hard. But alas, it was. I can tell you. I missed my people's when they worked from home and if I didn't have 3 kids (that were not in school due to snow and winter break) I would've worked from home because I happen to be a Great Big Sissy La-la. About 3 people guessed me as their Secret Santa. Because why... I do not know. But I was Tyler's S.S. What did you get, LCG? I am so glad you asked. I received a fortune teller that gives me candy. It's just like a Magic 8 ball only completely different. My Secret Santa was Matt!

Secret santa finally fulfilled

I put the monster trampoline back together and screwed the posts back together. Because the wind apparently can pick up and throw a 200 pound object. Score one for the wind. On the ready, LCG.

A new quirk appeared in "Christine". (My car) When I turn the headlight switch in the on position, the windshield wipers come on and do not go off. Now, I get to look like a jackass all the time. That's fantastic! I don't care. I own it! Like I totally mean for my wipers to be on. I stare at people like I cannot believe they don't have theirs on! Throws them off. *giggle*

My birthday is coming up. Not really stressing this one. I only stress on the 5's. 25 was a big one. 30 was a big one. I'm sure next year will be a big one. You get it.... So. Yeah. I am 29 again. Or 34. Whatever! I'm such a bad liar!

What else? Oh! I watched a movie (lots of them but one I'm telling you about.) Twilight. We're watching the movie. (By we, I mean, My older brother, our mom and myself.) They said things like... "I think this is geared toward 16 year old girls" and "I don't see what the hype is around this movie". I sat there silently. When it was over my brother said " I cannot believe I wasted 2 hours of my life on that turd!" I smiled a little and put my head down. He said. "O.M.G!! You liked it didn't you?" Of course, I had to defend myself and say, "I did! It was a great love story. I would totally love Edward! Ok. So. I do love him! He's got the quiet, inner turmoil thing going and he is completely devoted to her. (I can't remember her name.)It's set in Forks. Right here in Washington! Aaaaand they left it open for a sequel!" Silence. I realized then, I was tragically, lame. And yet, I admit, shamelessly on the interweb.

And finally. This morning there was an award assembly schedule at the grade school where my daughter was to be awarded the "Super Eagle" for being an outstanding example of Eagle (the school mascot) pride. She was so surprised, she didn't hear her name called. She walked up and accepted her award and waited on stage (so to speak) until they were all told to sit down. After applause, of course. Then she received yet another award. The "Eagle Feather" for excellence in problem solving and respect. She was just beaming with pride. I was too.

My girl is the AWESOMEST

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