Thursday, January 15, 2009


In which I admit my excesses in rainbow, sugary, goodness....

I have now changed the sweet rewards my M&M Genie. She now delivers skittles. How's that for nonconformity?! However, I didn't think the consequences through. My tongue is getting some kind of sugar coating that may or may not be eroding the top 3 surface layers. I ask the genie one question prior to the dispensing of fruity goodness. "Am I AWESOME?". Each time I get negative or vague answers. Such as "Not Sure". Then I need to sooth my ego with the candy that is provided. It's is a vicious cycle. I bet I have had 103 skittles. All before noon. I keep having this internal struggle. Me vs. me. Every time I hit the button I repeat the following phrase:
"Last Time" It's never the last time. I believe the green M&M, with blond plastic hair, has some sort of mind control on me. Strange enough. I don't think they taste anything like what a rainbow would taste.

In other news....

I bought "The Road to Wrestle Mania" tickets. 4 of them. I get them Early from Ticketmaster because I get a code from my local rock station which gives me pre-sale ticket purchasing power. *insert maniacal laugh* Remember how I said I bought 4 tickets. Who is going? My oldest brother, my oldest nephew, my son, my daughter and myself. Turns out, I forgot half my kids. *For those of you that were told there would be no math in blogging or those running to catch the short bus..That means I was supposed to get 5 tickets.* I didn't get my daughter a ticket. I know. I am expecting my "Mother of the Year award" any day. So, I had to add another ticket and get 5 seats together. Which meant releasing my tickets to be purchased by some other fan or mother that has to go because the young males love it but she has flashbacks of the DDT being done on her repeatedly by her brother and his friends. Even when she hid under the bed, they came in her room and drug her out by her ankles to inflict more pain while pretending to be Jake "The Snake" Roberts. In the year 1988. But. It's alright because she got even. She was younger and smaller then the boys. When they played Hide and seek, in the trailer park *in South Carolina*, she could run right under the clothes lines. They could not. In the dark, the boys couldn't see the lines. She ran right under them with a boy chasing close behind. Smed (the boy doing the chasing) was literally clotheslined. And she laughed. Hard. Ok. ok. It was me. Eventually I am going to pull the couch on the front porch and fully claim my redneck-ness!

*curtsy and I'm out*

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