Monday, January 19, 2009

It is coming

In which I explain...

I haven't had alot going on this weekend. I did the normal stuff. Played a little. watched a few *not-so-good* movies. Cleaned the house and did laundry. Question... When did I become the oldest 33 year old I know? I will be moving within a months time which causes a whole new anxiety level for me. I am, by nature, a creature of habit. I am not comfortable with change. Srsly. It freaks me out. I have complain and try to hold on to the old as long as I can. I do, however, like to move. Or I did. Until this year. Don't get me wrong. I do not like packing, heavy lifting and unpacking. But I do like new locations. I grew up a military brat, that's the only explanation I can offer for my personal oxymoron. I like moving somewhere new, but hate change. Ugh! The inner turmoil. I already have the place. It's just a matter of paperwork. I always tell myself. "I will pack now. Label everything. That way when I get in the new place. It's a snap to unpack." That's what I say. I lie. I will, inevitably, wait until the last minute, run to the local grocery, buy as many hefty bags as I can, throw my shit possessions inside and figure out the mess when I can. You know. Later. The population of the town I am moving to is 3,451. Or at least it was in June of 2007. I got the information from the internet. So you know it is true partially true. I graduated from the high school in that town. I feel good about my kids going to school there. I *heart* small town schools. Big schools you can get lost in. I hope my kids like it there. I plan on staying at my job. I like these people. And I'm comfortable here. We'll see how it all plays out. No one knows the future. Except. Maybe. Miss Cleo.

*Curtsy and I'm out*

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