Friday, January 2, 2009

Do over day

In which I have a day....

New Year's Day was super easy! We rotate holidays. There is 4 techs at my job. And I haven't had to work a holiday in a while so, my name was drawn for New Year's Day. At first, I was bummed because that meant I really couldn't go out on the eve of the New Year. I do not function great when intoxicated the day before. I was invited to go to Matt's but could not because of the whole I-have-to-work thing. So I went home and played Guitar Hero for like 5 hours. Because, yes, I AM that big of a dork! It was sooo much fun though. Guitar Hero makes me feel like a rockstar!

At work, I took like, 8 calls. SRSLY. It was so dead. Just Victor and myself in the office. We didn't even turn the lights on. He watched movies on his Ipod Touch and I watched movies too. I am not ashamed to admit, I watched senseless comedies. (Drillbit Taylor being one of them) Really. It wasn't that bad. *I mean the day. Not the movie.*
I got off at 6 and went home. Watched the idiot box for a while. Went to bed.

I woke a few minutes late. Ok. 30. Looked outside and said "O.M.G. It's snowing. Again!" That's good. We need new snow. We just got rid of the 2 feet we had. No. No. It's not good. I just took the chains off the car. Gah! I should have left early. As I said though, I woke up late. I had to shower. As I didn't have one the day before. No make up again. I am getting lazy. I went out at 8:40 to start and sweep off the car. Got in to drive to work. Gas light is on. Crap! I forgot to stop on the way home last night. I went to the Conoco and put the 5 dollars cash, I had in my pocket, in the tank. Arrived to work, after sliding through 2 intersections, 2 minutes past 9. Clocked in late and started bringing up the programs I use. I thought to myself, "is my leg getting wet?" Looked down and sure enough, it was! Have you ever thought, "I should've taken a picture so people could see what I was talking about"? Well, I should have. I looked down and there was, literally, a puddle of water under my keyboard. I lifted it up and water poured out of the keyboard. Of course I announced, "There is water in my keyboard"!!! My supervisor, Matt and the receptionist, Gena came to my desk. We all examined the ceiling for any watermarks but found none. Then, I realized, there was a small amount of water under my monitor as well. Tried to find a USB keyboard because for some reason, there is not a PS2 connection on my tower. None to be found in the office. Matt tried to drain the rest of the water from the keyboard and blow in dry with condensed air. I plugged it back in and said I want a do-over day because this one sucks!"

Fear not, Left Coast Girlie! The day will get better. If not... There will be another one tomorrow.

*Curtsy and I'm out"

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