Monday, January 26, 2009

First Rock Concert in 15 years

In which Kennewick, WA rocked!!!!!

I think a rock concert is a right of passage to any young rocker. I remember my first show. I was 12 and I received Ozzy tickets to take one friend with me for my birthday. The show was in Seattle and I had the time of my young life. Of course, I am more of a VH1-er these days, I still rock from time to time.*wink* My son and nephew are huge Disturbed fans. My brother and I decided to take them to a live show. Their first one EVAR! Yeah! *said with horns up!

Ready to rock

The crowd was amazing! I have been to concerts in Seattle, Spokane, and Atlanta so the 6,000 people in the Toyota Center should not have been as loud as 25,000 in Seattle. And they weren't. They were louder!!! Complete with crowd surfing and mosh pit. It was impressive to see everyone bouncing and the 12,000 fist in the air!

6000 people

The bands were all very good. Skindred was the opener. I thought, "I don't even know who they are so I'll get shirts for the boys while they play." I'm glad that didn't happen. My brother and I got the shirts before finding seats. *It was all general admission* Then Skindred took the stage and blew us away! They are from England but the have a little bit of reggae in their metal. I bought their CD after the show and enjoy it immensely.

Sevendust was my personal favorite of the night. The guitarist did an excellent job of showing all of us affection. Running back and forth on the stage. Throwing drumsticks and pics in the crowd. A kid 4 people away from me got one. And the kid a couple people away from my son got one.

Then it was time for Disturbed. Check out their killer board. OMG!


The crowd was up on their feet the entire time Disturbed was on stage. The guitarist for Disturbed was also doing a fantastic job interacting with the crowd. My son had his horns/fist in the air. My nephew, banging his head and playing the air drums. I cannot decide if it was more fun watching them or watching the band! All of the sudden, they finished a song and said "Thank you. Goodnight." And left the stage.
The crowd went crazy! That's when it got loud. Of course, the band came back. Disturbed is known for doing an encore when the fans ask so nicely.

The headliner

They didn't just perform an encore. They played 3 more songs for us. And a killer drum solo. By killer, I mean amazing. Reminded me of why I liked rock in the first place. Hard to believe I can listen to Michael Buble and then turn on Disturbed. Wrap your mind around that one. I am a music connoisseur of sorts, so it does not surprise me. ALL
of the bands said they wanted to come back to Kennewick. I'm sure they tell all their cities that. But for us, it's true. I knew the boys would love it. I didn't expect that I would be so impressed. After all, I'm not new to the concert scene. But they impressed me. The aftermath wasn't bad either. I didn't see much garbage anywhere.

What remains

I hope this means the Tri-Cities will be a destination for more bands. I realize the pictures are not high quality but all I had was my cell phone. And bad pics are better than no pics. Right?

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