Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 3 begins

In which I explain changes...

I have been 3 days, clean and sober, of the Minute Maid Lemonade. As promised, I am a quitter. I decided that I have absolutely no willpower. And crave what is sweet and tart. *Much like my personality* Ha! I made a deal with myself. *Because I do that. Reckon Make deals with myself. Here's the agreement I reached with me. I will make lemonade with Splenda sweetner. No calories. And no after taste like asspartame! I can have one bottle of my homemade, no calorie, not-quite-the-same, lemonade to every bottle of water I drink. Plus, if I need sweet/tart taste, I eat dried cranberries. So far, so mediocre.
They say it takes 30 to 31 days for something to become a habit. 28 more days and I will not even care that the Minute Maid is gone. Now, *because I cannot take one thing at a time* I have added walking to my plan. I have a chartreuse doggie back-pack for my girl, Gracie Bear. She loves to walk and has an abundance of energy. This morning, we walked the kids to school. Everyone loved it!

My brother bought me some gum the other day. Why mention it? I'm so glad you asked. Two reasons. A) It's pomegranate flavored, sugar-free gum! and B) It's sweet that a brother would buy his sister gum because he knows she *hearts* Pomegranates. Not to mention, the gum smells heavenly.