Friday, November 21, 2008

Tragically Lame

I describe and ponder my life...

I know this will be a short post because I'm currently at lunch. I was just wondering a few things. I realize it's all rhetorical but still I must utilize my www as an outlet for what is swimming around in my psyche.

How this topic came to be.... It began yesterday. I was so excited that Survivor was going to be on last night that it became almost sad. Not sad, "I am going to cry" but sad, "I can't believe the intense joy I feel because I actually have something to do tonight." OMGWTF! What has happened?!?!

When did I become a VH1-er when I am the MTV generation? When did curling up with a good book and myself become more appealing then marathon sex with a cute guy? When did my idea of a good time turn into Sunday Cosmic bowling instead of my favorite bar on Friday night. Give Chris a kiss on the cheek after picking up my drink, he already had on the bar waiting for me. Chris always made the vodka nectarean. Then I would shake my sugar-foot all night long.

It's not that I mourn my party days. I'm actually content being a Mommy. I just wonder about the time-line. When did I become the oldest 33 year old, I know?