Thursday, November 13, 2008

There has to be a first one.

Hi bloggerers! Forgive me for my newbie excitement and possible
lame first post. But I had to at least get started. Like ripping off a
band aid....

I thought I would make an attempt to introduce myself but...
it will not be my life story. If you read...You will get to know me
and my story.

I feel the need to let you know some basics. I exaggerate. I'm a smart ass.
I don't like change in my chaotic routine, that doesn't make sense
to anyone but me. I am a mid-level geek and want to be a SUPER
GEEK someday. I *heart* music. I'm smart but not a genius.
I'm a real "runaway bride* (I will tell you about those stories
someday). I try not to stress on the little things but sometimes
it sneaks up on me. I type like I talk. I don't rehearse, it is what it
is. I tend to go on tangents and sojourns and take you along for the
ride. I sing. Loud. Way off key. But I am still wicked cool. I use
80's slang often. Such as, wicked, killer, sweet, bitchin. I loath math.
It requires logically reasoning and I don't think I am wired to be logical.
*giggle*. I am not a judgemental person, I don't believe. I enjoy the unusual.
People. Places. Conversations. Ideas. And so on. I could go on and on, no need.
You will see who and what I am as time goes by because I dig the blogging thing.

It's like therapy. I don't know yet how hip I am to have all my "dear diary"
ramblings out here on the www for everyone to view, judge, criticize...etc.

Actually, yes, I do. I don't care. I am, who I am and it's good to be me.
I do think of blogging as a journal, of sorts. Some co-workers do it and
I have fallen in love with blogging and reading blogs. Until now,
I have only posted on my social sites. So, it is time to stretch my
wings a tad and enter a new realm of blogging. *happy dance*!
Gah! I am a total nerd.

Right. Well. That's it for now. It's 1:30 in the a.m. and I have to be
up to get the offspring ready for school in the morning and myself to
work, such as it were. Curtsy and i'm out!


  1. You're a real runaway bride? I totally wanna read that post, girl.

  2. Welcome aboard...