Monday, November 24, 2008

Lost the fight with gravity

In which I talk about boobies and not in a good way....

It all started with a shower. I *heart* morning showers. I play the radio and make it an event.
Gets the day off right. Then, I step out. OMG! Why, oh why, is the a mirror directly across from the shower? Whose design choice was that? I think I might have to change the log to the "ask if you want to proceed" type. Give everyone the chance to avoid this entire post.

Anyway, I am 33 rounding the corner to 34 AND I have 2 kids. Things have happened. Like the location and size of my ass! Not only did it fall but it widened. A great deal. As if that weren't enough! WTF happened to my boobs? They used to be round and perky and positioned proper. NOW. They hang and I don't know that I can actually see my nipples when looking "head on". If someone asked for a picture of them. I am fairly certain, I would have to place the camera on the ground below me pointed up.

As if on queue, Cher "If I could turn back time" played on the "mixed" CD. Thank you Cher! She snapped back from the looking glass. I decided I didn't care. One day, I will have a bring-the-boobies-back fund! Then the girls will be back to how they were at 21.


  1. Content Warning! YAY!

    Don't even get me started on the boobs thing. Mine just piss me off.

  2. I know right! They are better than a pocket now. I carry a book under each one! Ha!