Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Toilet Paper Incident

An imported blog from Myspace

In which I begin a rant....

Right. So, it's my lunch hour so this will be brief. And yes, I
know, it's nothing significant to bitch about but yet....Bitch I
So, I got off the phone long enough to retreat to the restroom when
what do I discover!!!???

OMFG Yes. That's right! Again!
Apparently. NO ONE in the office knows how to change the roll! So,with cat-like reflexes, I decide to put together a little "How to"...complete with visual aids.
And you, are now subjected to the same.

Step One get a new roll
Step 1: Pick up a new roll. Easy and light, no heavy lifting so a
doctor's note will
not do you any good what-so-ever!

Step 2... Unwrap Step 2:

Unwrap said roll. No other explanation should be required of me here.

Step 3.... Throw the empty one away
Step 3: Throw the empty friggin cardboard holder
and the wrapper from the
new roll away.... Simple enough...
One would think.

Step 4.... Ta effin da!
Step 4: Ta-effin-Da! Place the nice, full, new roll on the
receptacle provided. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that!
Pretty simple. No power tools needed. No aerobic

And please DO NOT forget this step...
Wash or santinize your hands.
I don't know about you... But I feel better.
I even feel a sense of acomplishment. Too bad
there isn't a category called "just plain ranting and
complaining about a pet peeve." But alas, that
wasn't an option to choose.
I know there are, most likely, typo's and
spelling errors. But as I said it's my lunch hour
and I do not have time to proof read. In an earlier post
I told ya...This is therapy for me, blogging. So from
time-to-time, you will see a post where you will be all
"WTF? Who cares about toilet freakin paper?!" And
I'll be all like "Uh,.... me. Right this second." Then we
will both move on and forget the damn thing.
I know... I know... But I also said before that
I was a total geek. Maybe now, you will believe me.
I would so love to bust out into a list of my pet peeves.
But can't, gotta go. lunch is over.
Remember today's lesson and put it to use. You won't
see or hear it, but there WILL be silent appreciation for your
work. :)~

* Side note*
In EVERY picture I took, I was actually on the toilet.
What does that make me? Is there a word for it?*
HA! Have a good day!

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  1. 1. Excellent tutorial.

    2. You have ganked half of my blogroll. This is hawt.