Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And the Golden Tampon goes to......

Holy addlepates, Batman!

Main Entry: moron
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: stupid person
Synonyms: addlepate, blockhead*, boob*, dimwit, dingbat, dolt, dope*,
dork, dumbbell*, dummy*, dunce, fool, half wit, idiot,
ignoramus, imbecile, lamebrain*, loony*, loser*, mental defective, nerd*, simpleton

Antonyms: brain

So... I knew today was going to be a little rough because the "boss" is out and that leaves me the sole tech rep for 3 hours. But Usually, Wednesdays are slow. Not the case this morning. *Of course not!* It started out alright. Not too busy. Then the phones dropped. Because we can't have a system that actually works. As I sit on my arse, the calls pile up. Can't answer them, no phone service. The phones come back up and I jump back in the queue. After a couple of minutes, I am swimming along just fine. Calls getting caught up. Then...BAM!! Calls drop again. Gah! VOIP sucks!

Meanwhile, the queue builds. I jump in again... Treading in the deep pool of calls.
Slowly, getting a comfortable grip on the queue. And, you guessed it, down again!

Holy llama piss! For the love of God! What does a girl have to do to have an easy day at work? I realize My co-worker will be in soon, so try not to stress. Then, one more time, we go down! Turns out the VOIP server was over-heating. With cat-like reflexes. They install a new fan and solve our phone trouble. Thank God. Got all but 3 calls handled before Michelle came in. I thought, "We will be good now"! Hell-to-the-no!

My other co-worker, who is in sales, needed me to take a call because he cannot be tied up doing tech support "type things" when there is incoming sales call. He has to make us dollars. My employer doesn't want sales people handling any tech calls. Even though KJ knows far more then I do. So I took the call. And Poor Michelle worked the queue alone. That sucks. I hate leaving someone to work the queue because I am on a long call. BUT... OMFG! This women was a dink! Anything that I said to do she did the opposite! I said left click, she right clicked. I said click here, she clicked there. When I said, "that's incorrect. I said right click on the Winmail.exe notleft click on some random link in your program files. Dumbass!" Oh and by the way, there is not such a thing as "small caps" (unless you are talking about stocks) since "caps" stands for capital letters!!!

The conversation between myself and the id10t went on for about 33.5 minutes. *not that I'm counting* Again, tech queue suffers. After hanging up with her, I had 2 calls from WoW-ers that couldn't log onto their servers. Ah.. Refreshing to talk to someone I do not have to speak stupid to. And yes! I do know I ended that sentence with a

The day did get better. I guess I am just Sally, sore ass today. It is a 10 hour day. I'm tired. So the The Golden Tampon Award goes to me today!! Yay me! For being a crack!

I know what I need. A lemonade and a lil vodka. *maybe 1 part lemonade and 3 parts vodka* Screw it! Pass me the bottle and call it a day!


  1. Lemonade and vodka is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Or at least buzzed.

  2. YES! Yay for Vodka! Some days it's vodka-cran. others it's the lemonade.

  3. maybe if Mush worked a little harder, you wouldn't be so swamped ;-)

    and vodka is gooooood.