Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ding Ding! In various ways

In which I have an idea or two...

I always have songs spinning in my head. It's amazing how I even think original thoughts at all. Srsly! This morning. ABBA. That's right! And then as the day progresses, more out-of-nowhere songs pop in. "Come on ride the train. Choo-Choo. Ride it!" That song was never even in the air waves this morning. WTF?

Then I was trying to find Selena Cross - I'm Not Lost (because it's beautiful...DUH) and it hit me. Maybe I should blog my-favorite-song-of-the-day! WOW! Fantabulous idea, I repeated to myself with a goofy grin. So, hence and what not. HA! That is why there is now a video widget/gadget, whateva, at the top of the page. I must caution you. I have strange and not at all consistent taste in music. I love EVERYTHING!. But I am so unbelievably excited about posting a what's-in-my-head song everyday that I could squeal, just like a lil school girl. I know. I know. It's probably just me that is this excited. Yet. Still. Excited.

Fog As for the secondary, but equally important, ding ding. My headlights! (no boobies was the last post). It was/is very foggy out today. Headlights required kind of fog. Of course. I sometimes, almost always, leave a tad-bit late. I arrive in the parking lot, grab my gear. You know, drink. Smokes. Chargers for the cell and the iTouch, delicious toy. Arms full of goodness as I try to exit the vehicle. It is then that the DING DING commanded my attention and alerted me. Saying calmly, Hey Dillhole! You forgot your lights AGAIN!!!

Today. I am thankful for the DING DING(s) in my life.

In other news... Mush gave me a blanket of bubble wrap. Yay! for bubblewrap.
Blanket o' BubbleWrap


  1. You're so lucky to have such a great coworker to give you BUBBLE WRAP, fo'sho.

  2. In other news, I am now throwing out "boobs" in favor of "bewbz." True story.