Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Up and down you're turning me....

In which the Universe still refuses to revolve around me......

This weekend I fought with SBP. Because I believe he should put out a little more. I'm in my early 30's, enough said. Plus, sometimes. When he talks. I don't understand what he means. He will use big words that he clearly does not know the meaning of and then I have to cock [ha! I said cock] my head to the side in confusion while I piece his sentences together to try to make some sense out of what he is saying to me. Then, he's already saying something else. So, I fall behind. Then, I make him stop talking. I repeat back to him what I thought he meant and he says, "Don't talk to me like I'm a derelict!!" Then I smile and hug him because he's so pretty.

I get to work on Monday.
First, it's Monday! Then, there is a huge. No HUGE queue because James was sick on Saturday and Sunday. Possibly just Sunday. And instead of calling a tech [me or Matt]in to work, they [management]decided to just let there be no one taking tech calls. Now, to their credit, I don't know if there was a status message alerting callers that their issues would not be processed by staff until Monday morning or not. I am thinking not. However, between myself and Matt, we did clear the queue but 12:30pm, complete with high 5! The rest of the day was pretty slow with spurts of steady.

I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my friends third wedding. *Please take an "Awwww moment" here* I'm happy to be in her wedding. First, because I don't really know this boyfriend so, I cannot despise him. Second, because I am a good friend. Third, I love her. Then I said, "Um.. Do I have to wear a dress?" She said, "Yes." I'll wear a dress for her. Crap! I haven't worn a dress in like 7 years. I think the last time I did it was for a job interview at Eastern State Hospital. And I got the job too! Then I asked her what her colors were. She said, I let Aria pick the colors. They are yellow or peach." Aria is the 15 year old daughter of my friend. Yellow... I will look jaundice. But it's not about me. Not even a little, so I can deal.

Finally, at 7 pm I started the normal sequence of events for closing the office. I turned off the lights, closed my system down, set the alarm, locked the door and left. My car started up and drove just fine. I drove to the highway and headed toward home. I made it to Lowden. Which, by the way, has a wikipedia entry! Through Lowden, you have to slow to 40 MPH through the town. My speed was dropping more and more. I looked down and I was going like 30 MPH! I hit the gas a little and nothing. No response. AND my glove box sounded like it was ticking. I'm sure I looked like a tweaker with my head in my glove box. I sat there for a while. Updated Twitter. Called a few people. You know. For a ride. Then, after about 20 minutes, I got out and started hitting stuff. I AM A CAR FUCKING GENIUS!!! It started. I drove the remaining 35 miles home. I drove to work today too, bitches!

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  1. I don't think you should have to wear a peach or yellow dress for a third wedding. Bitchy? Perhaps. True? Fuck yes.