Monday, July 13, 2009

Hair Care Fail

In which I complain about hair products, like a girl...

I normally don't do much with my hair. I'm a wash, dry the bangs and go kinda girl. Sometimes, I straighten my hair. Normally, I have naturally curly, thick, long hair. SBP calls it "80's porn hair". I'm still trying to figure out if that is a compliment. I will assume it is, if he likes 80's porn.... It's been really windy lately and the locks have been super ginormous so, I thought I'd straighten them to cut down on the tangles. I bought something cheaper than the good stuff. It not only feels heavy and stiff, it sounds like I am breaking 27 strands of hair every time I run my brush through my mane! YIKES!!! I gave it to my mom. I heard the lotion is much, much better. I already have dry hair, I live in the desert. 'Nough said. Can a white girl have her hair straighten, you know, professionally?

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