Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nothing special...move along

In which I bore you....

I haven't done anything spectacular since....the last time I did something spectacular which, for some reason, my memory fails. I don't really have anything to write about. I'm just bored and thought I'd reach out to the diary or journal or blog, whatever you call it. It's payday. I hold in my hands a representative of my worth to the company I work for 5 days a week, every week for just over two years. Sometimes, briefly, I think it's a joke and they are going to hand me my real check any moment. But, no. This is it. It's tiny and cute. A reminder of how underpaid and [not even almost] overworked I am.

In other news, people have gone crazy. See what I mean? I lurve British people. Bonnet is used in place of hood. How sweet is that? Then there is this clip. SWEAR TO GOD! PEOPLE ARE BAT SHIT CRAZY!!! So, then I started looking for the crazy. There is alot to be had. Like this or this. There was more but you have to look around the intarwebz yourself. I can't do everything.

Another thing... I'm also very intrigued by useless information. Which then becomes useful because I know it and you don't. For example, slugs have 4 noses. Did you know that? Now, you do. You're welcome.

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