Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In which things are NOT the same...

There is so much to tell and yet so much to be kept quiet. First, I miss her! She left for bigger and better things. Which is fabulous for her but I lost my best girlfriend at work. *sad face* So. Today. When I lifted my bra straps and said "19" then let them go to have the girls fall a few inches (in all directions) and said "34", there was not an "I totally hear you" coming from my right. But I did get a new headset. A new Mega-monitor. And new USB speakers. All of which I would gladly return if she walked in the door. Since Mush is not coming back, Matt is forced to be my best girlfriend and my Gay boyfriend.
This means he has to listen to my big dreams of relocating my breasts back to their original position, among other topics... But I think, he secretly loves it! The only other thing that is good is the call volume. I am on the phone now more than off. Which makes the days go by faster. My schedule has changed. It sucks. I get up at 7:30 am. Leave by 9:00 am to arrive here by 10:00 am. Lunch is good. Right in the middle of my day at 2:00pm. Then I close the office at 7:00 pm. IF I get out on time and don't have to stop, I get home around 8:00-8:15 pm. Just in time to put my kids to bed. So, I miss them. Alot!!! At least, I still have weekends off.

The fourth of July *pronounced Juu-lie* was pretty uneventful with the exception of the pyrotechnics of my intoxicated friends that resembled a lost episode of Macgyver that was not aired due to epic failure. I didn't drink so it was frightening instead of funny.

I totally forgot to mention Michael Jackson. I can't say I mourn for the man. I didn't know him. I feel sympathy for his family, children and his friends. I also feel sympathy for the 8 year old inside of me that had whole-heartily intended to marry him (and Prince). And when I stated that aloud Mush said "YOU ARE A FAG HAG!!" And she has the authority to say so because she is one herself. :) I missed the funeral. I loved his early music. I still listen to it. But I do not like funerals. I like celebrations. Celebrating their life is the best way to honor the dead. In my opinion. The King of Pop

I have other news that I am not sharing because I am a secretive winch. *wink*


  1. Last sentence: I believe you mean "wench," not "winch."

    Let's talk about boobs, shall we?

    I'm so glad you got all the gear off my desk! I'm so sorry you have to close because Matt won't man up and be the supervisor.

  2. See... I love you!!!

    I did mean wench. And 17%!!! I cannot even believe you are friends with me...