Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In which I drone on about stuff in real life.

I quit or I'm in the process of quitting smoking. It sucks. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't suck. Have you seen this commercial? Yeah, it's kind of, exactly like that. But the benefits will outweigh the suck in the end. Plus, I can't smoke anywhere other than my yard, my car and in the bathroom at the bar (but I totally have to blame it on the girl in the next stall who is even more wasted than me).

At least once a week I will post visual aids for my own motivation. I will be a world traveler. Because what I really want to do is get lost in Ireland all by myself. Maybe even kiss a pretty boy. It's pretty decent motivation but so is money and health.

Funny thing is, I always knew there were health risks to smoking, I just never cared. Not really. Show me blackened lungs; it's like "Ick. Yeah, that's bad" *long drag on a Camel*. Didn't really phase me. Offer me a full week in Ireland without my children, I'm all over it. It's all about priorities.

Tally so far:
Days not smoked: 4
Money not spent on cigarettes: $31.40
Nicotine fits: About eleventy billion

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