Friday, August 13, 2010

The Wager

In which I give something up to get something I really want.

I have wanted to go to Ireland forever. Also, London. I talk about all the time. (Obsession is a theme for me people) My mom, who hears most of my "I really want to go to Ireland" whining, made me an offer. She said if I quit smoking, save the money that I would've spent on cigarettes and use it for a trip to Ireland, she will watch my kids for 1 whole week. Are you serious? Hell to the yes!!! (<----said in my best ghetto styling) I set a date for August 15, 2010.
That is just one day away. I told my friend, Michelle, about it. Being the awesome girl that she is, she said she would quit too. We could be each others sponsors of sorts. Yay!

By September of 2011 I will be in Dublin. I'm going to get a package deal but I am not going on any tour bus rides. I'm just going to be me but in Ireland. I'm going to walk, take cabs, ride regular public transit and wander around. Then I'm going to hop on over to London for at least a day or two. Totally worth giving up the Camels.

Did I mention The Script is from Ireland?

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