Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here I am!!!!

In which we catch up in about 6 paragraphs. Plus, I tell you things you do not want to know and wish you could unlearn. With pictures!

The new truck My brother bought a new [to him] truck. It's nice. Really Nice. The driver and passenger seats are like captain chairs. Very comfortable. But I'm guessing it gets like 18 miles to the gallon. Not the best. My brother works really hard and he deserves something nice. He puts everyone above himself. Especially his boys. He loves those boys more than anything in this world. I'm very proud of him. He's turned into the kind of man I always knew he would be. He's had his struggles and came through on the other side better for having been through those tough times. He truly is a good, decent man. I hope my son follows his lead. What I admire most about him, he always follows through on his word. If he says he will do something, he does it.

Meet Pete Last Saturday, we went cat shopping. I had been researching them online. Trying to find one that has personality traits that would fit in with the kids and the dogs. There were so, so many. So we chose, Cooper, a Himalayan-Siamese mix. He was on a 3 day trial run with another lady. *sigh* Second choice was Purr Bucket, he was already gone. *another sigh* Third choice was Miss Kitty, she wasn't in town for the adoption day. And I had no desire to drive out of town to find her. It looked like we were going to go home cat-less again. *yet another sigh* But then... This guy showed up! Meet Pete! He is adorable and Polydactyl! He's a lover, likes kids and dogs. Perfect. Purrfect!

A Saturday at the river Staurday night I was supposed to go to my boss friend's house but things happened and it turned out I couldn't go. I spent the day with the kids and my brother. I spent the evening watching movies. And by watching movies, I mean playing WoW. It was a good day. Sunday, my friend [of 20 years] Wylie came over with his two boys. We watched movies and the kids all played. Mostly outside, believe it or not. We had some lunch. It is nice just being around someone you know. He's another good man. He reminds me of my brother. In many ways. I won't put their similarities on the interwebz. Just know, they make few men like them anymore.

The I'm-too-tired-to-cook Bento I also made my lunch bento again a couple of times. I always feel so much better when I do. There's nothing more therapeutic than playing with your food. No matter what mom always said. I had a visit from my own Aunt Irma. It's been 7 months since I had a visit so, I guess I did not go through menopause after all. Good news, I still have working parts. Bad news, I still have working parts. In case you were wondering, this is the stuff you probably do not want to know. Although, the hormones were a bit much for Matt my gay boyfriend. By gay, I mean, my-married-boss-so-he-might-as-well-be-gay-that-brings-me-chocolate-and-made-a-new-rule-that-we-can't-use-the-word-uterus-anymore friend. He's hoping that I will be normal again on Monday. And I will. The visit only lasts 3 days. It just feels like 2 weeks.

It arrived I received this book by chance, literally. There was an entry via blogger and twitter to enter to win an autographed copy of The Shack. I had just mentioned to Michelle that I wanted to read The Shack and I had a reply on Twitter stating I had won! *Squeeee* You can see the post on her blog here. You will also find my comments about the book. I was going to mentioned a few quotes from the book here but I would end up posting it all because touched me completely. I have never been a very religious person. But.. This book goes so far beyond religion. I thought about trying to describe the book but find that I lack the means to due so while still doing it justice. All I can say, is you should read it. It confirmed what I thought I knew about God but went so far beyond what I could ever comprehend on my own. I think I will carry this book and the experience of reading it with me for a long time to come. I will read it again. I'm sure I will find more that will resonate with me each time I do. The autograph reads "If anything matters, everything matters." Which you can see here.

The 400 Track is over now. My son loved it. He is more involved in school sports then ever. He was in wrestling and track this year. I think he will be doing wrestling again next year. My nephew played basketball and baseball. My daughter wants to play soccer next year. I truly like love being the "soccer mom". I never played sports in school. I chose things like, science club, choir, drama and radio/television production. I went to some games but mostly to "hang" with friends. I'm glad my kids are different than I was/am. I enjoy their differences. Alot. On another note, it appears the pilot program I was granted is coming to an end and I have to pay all the rent again. Bummer. But it isn't out of my range so, all is still good fine. Apparently, you can be considered "working poor" and still make too much money. It was supposed to be 6 months but for some reason my funding, like with most programs now, is running low. No worries. I am rich in all the ways that really matter.

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