Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stupid blog

In which you cannot comment...

Apparently, since I changed to a different template, you cannot comment on my blog. Which I found out after this conversation.

Goblinbox: "comments still don't seem to work on your blog, btw"

Me: "Srsly. Damn"

Goblinbox: "I haven't been able to comment for awhile the link just doesn't do anything"

Me: "Crap"

I will have to change it back to blogger templates, that I don't really care for, because I like comments more. Sorry, no one has been able to comment. I just figured I wasn't saying anything interesting. *smile*


  1. Did I fix it? It looks like the embedded code for comments doesn't work. Changed it to pop-up and here we have a comment box. Yay!

    I may still go back to blogger templates. Or learn to make my own.

  2. works. look at me! commenting! w00t!