Sunday, May 24, 2009


In which I scream like a girl......

Last night I went outside and then immediately froze. I don't like certain things. Such as, parasites or anything that sucks blood. Things that have poisonous venom in their butt pokers or in their mouth. That being said, I am also not fond of anything with eight legs. There is something "freak of nature" like about things with more than 4 legs anyway. I don't mind most bugs. Ladybugs are fine. But last night, the arachnids were out in droves, herds, clusters. I killed three of them, after I took a picture so I can show you fine people what I experienced. I thought, maybe, the dying screams of the eight-legged freaks, called the spider warriors out to take me down. I know that some people don't mind spiders because they kill other bugs. I realize further, that the ecological system needs these strange creatures but I just think they could stay away from my house. Like a 12 foot radius. The warriors never attacked. Maybe the are waiting until nightfall to regroup and surround me in a surprise attack. I will be on the ready with flip-flop in hand. Bring it on, Aragog!!

Click the small photo to Witness the horror!

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