Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dear this week. WTF !?!?!

In which, WTF?

The "technical support services" manager called Sunday night and said "I'm sick. Can you please go in early tomorrow to cover for me?" I said, "Yeah. Sure. Feel better." Then he said, "You will be configuring modems too." *makes face* I hate doing that. Not that it is hard because it isn't. It's because the room is completely disorganized. The hardware is never in the same place twice. Plus, we are running low or out of some supplies. It doesn't help that one person in the office knows where things are and the rest of us have to guess. Anyway. I got up 30 minutes earlier than normal. Even though, I stayed up later because I was playing on the interwebz. Went out to start this car because it takes 10 minutes to start and warm up. Went in the house, grabbed my coat, brushed my teeth and went back out to the car to leave. *note: I always leave when I am almost late.* I put the car in reverse and hit the gas. I didn't move. Put it in drive. I didn't move. Played around thinking I could somehow fix it by turning it off and on. Or by shifting from drive to reverse to neutral and back to No, it didn't. After about 15 minutes, I gave up.
Borrowed my Mom's SUV and arrived to work at my regular scheduled time. Woke up a half early for nothing!

My brother called. "It just needed tranny fluid. It's fine now." Yay! I love my mom's SUV but the gas is a killer! My boss called again. Same thing. He's sick, I cover. Go out to the car. It starts. Finally. I back out to the middle of the road and put it in drive. Nothing. SHIOT! Look in the driveway. There is a puddle of transmission fluid. Nice! Push the car back to the driveway. Borrow my brother's Ford Tempo and get to work. 45. Miles. Away.

There is a hole in my transmission. Apparently. So now I own 2 cars that I cannot drive. I think I will start a collection. I don't know. Use them as vegetable gardens.

Tuesday night there was a 6 state DSL outage. So, Wednesday morning, I walked into a queue 15 deep, plus emails from people who managed to find internet connection elsewhere. On top of that! I was the ONLY tech for 3 hours! I about urinated on myself when Michelle came in at 11. Much like an excited puppy. She said, "I'm logging in, go to break." I love her! She understood without having to be told anything what-so-ever!

Today, the boss was back. Although, he is still sick, he stayed all day. *bless him* I still have to configure all the modems. Not "indefinitely" but until further notice, as per the email "memo". Grrrr. I'll get over that and as soon as I have a system, I won't have to do them anymore.

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