Friday, March 27, 2009

New theme is the Sux0r

In which I messed The. Entire. Thing. Up.

I wanted to try a new theme. The preselected themes provided are fine. But like any American, these days, I WANT MORE! So, I googled some codes and found this pretty spring-ish theme. Loved it. Had to have it. Then, immediately, resented it and blamed it for everything. Much like my relationships! While pretty, it has ugly characteristics. Like.... The ad bar across the top that has to remain if I want to use it. Ugh! AND. This is the worst part! It. Took. EVERYTHING. Away. Well, everything except the archives and current postings. Which means that the entire sidebar was gone as well as all of the comments. The blog roll. The linky love. Twitter and Flikr. AND, as I was informed moments ago, even the comment link is gone. Looks like I will be fixing it this weekend.

And now for some cute:

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