Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to My Sickness

He's obsessed with me.. He just doesn't know it.

        In honor of Coming Out Week, I give you my sick, little fantasy. Sometimes, I am sixteen years old. Apparently. In my world, he is obsessed with me. Do not judge me...... Out loud. Not exactly what the week is about but, I've been in the Twilight/Rob Pattinson closet long enough!!! It's totally natural a sickness. Lucky for me, I have no shame. In my defense, he makes it impossible not to adore him. He plays music, he has a beautiful singing voice, he acts and for some deity's sake, he is fucking British. I never stood a chance.

Don't believe me about the voice? Just listen to this:

Yes, I know his voice breaks once. It's perfect.


Right. I'm done talking.

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