Thursday, September 10, 2009

*Waves Hello*

In which I have been dying to talk to you.

Where to begin... It's been a while since I posted to the blog. Basically because everything I wanted to say was sort of a secret. But not really a secret. I will explain. I have been driving 90 miles, round trip, on a daily commute for work since March. At first, it wasn't that bad. I had time to myself and could sing at the top of my lungs for forty-five whole minutes. As time ticked by, it became a boring, tedious, frustrating drive that I have come to completely despise. My car broke down a few times. Why? Because it is a P.O.S.
I was between 1-15 minutes late, at least once a week, due to traffic revisions.
I was told on more than one occasion and by more than one individual that "someone is gunning for you" or "you don't know how close you came to getting fired." While it is true that fear may be a motivator for some, it is not for me. It's the opposite. After I had, admittedly, made a mistake in writing the date wrong for start date of my first vacation after 2.4 years, I received a phone call. The tone was rather curt in nature. I was asked if I was coming to work. I responded that I was on vacation. Also, I had talked about it for, literally, months prior, not to mention, everyone else knew too. So, I called the one manager and explained that I had written it down wrong and apologized but I would not be into work that day. Essentially, I called in, which by the way, I have done an extremely rare amount of occasions. That phone call also had a brusque tone. After I over analyzed the two conversations for a couple of days, I decided to be proactive. I applied to a total of two jobs. I'm not an overachiever. I noticed I was getting the silent treatment from one person.
So, I sensed a 'meeting' coming in a few days. Then on Friday,(9-4-2009)I received a voicemail from one company asking me to come in for a data entry test. I told my direct supervisor immediately. It is commonly agreed that I should take gainful employment if I found it. He did say I had to give two weeks notice which I totally intended to but things change. I called the company back and set up an appointment. James was nice enough to switch shifts with me. I went to the data entry test and apparently passed. Then they immediately asked me to interview. I was not prepared to interview. AT ALL. I guess it went well because she offered me the job on the spot. Catch? Yes. It starts Monday but you can pick your shift. Crap! 3 days notice for my current employer but Yay! I get 4 - 10's with weekends off. I will be off by 4pm which means more time with the kids. I will get medical and dental, like a real girl, in 90 days! Vacation within the calendar year. Oh. And. More. Money. Also, it is 12 minutes from my house! Can we say all say Woo Hoo one time? I arrived at work Wednesday morning and turned in my very short notice. I do feel bad about the lack of notice. But it is just a courtesy and to be fair, I would not have gotten notice before being fired. Plus, I cannot pass on this opportunity. So, it is what it is, as they say. I'm pretty sure I won't have a going away cake and that's ok too. It's time to move forward. The new job also promises advancement in my position! *someone did a happy dance* It was me.

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  1. Having worked where you were working, I can say with utter conviction that there is no reason to feel bad about leaving. None.

    Fear is not a motivator; it is harassment. Having your job threatened at every turn is not a professional environment. In a normal company, if you mess up, they write you up and tell you what will happen if you do it again.

    Being late a couple of times is hardly a termination offense, but if it is, they should write you up and discipline you, not THREATEN YOU WITH CHILDISHLY LAME CRAP.

    Just sayin'.

    Congrats on the new job, the short commute, and getting off that sinking ship! Whoo hoo!

    We gotta hang sometime.