Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Failed, failed, failed.

In which I totally blame Google...

I, lost in the rapids on the river of change, forgot to go see Goblinbox at the Biker Rally. I was super excited to be invited to go. Then I read this and was completely bummed I missed a latex pecker! Damn you, Google. I thought I set a reminder. I didn't. Apparently. I still choose to blame Google. It should have known that I meant to save the reminder. It knows when I type monicker what I really meant was moniker, for sobbing out loud! I will give Google another chance because I love him. He only does it when he's drinking.

The New Job

Day One: Mind numbingly boring. Like most jobs I spent the first day doing paperwork. But this training class had the added bonus of reading every word of the 17 pages of legal/ethical standards pertaining to customer proprietary network information, as well as, going through the Non-Compete/ Privacy Agreement ALOUD. Did you hear me? I had to read aloud AND listen to other people read sections (often poorly) out loud! It was painful. On a scale of 1-10, I rate it a sad face. I started working with, what will be the main software. It is DOS based. OMG!! I freaked for like 1.7 minutes because I haven't done that, in like, FOREVER. It's easy though. Plus, changed my colors from black and green to black and pink. I would show you, but NO. CAMERA. PHONES. ALLOWED. ANYWHERE. Not even in the hallways! Gah! I can outback in the smoking area. Would you like pictures of the field? Yeah, me either.

Day Two: Reviewed yesterdays material. Pretty simple. I learned the web based software which is pretty cool billing software. Everything is pretty clear and self explanatory. Nice. I know. Then we took a drive in the intranet search engine. Can we all say cluster fuck? Sorry. Thesaurus says there is not another word for cluster fuck.

See I don't lie.

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  1. I loathe group reading aloud. Loathe it. I can read faster than 98% of the population can read, and I can read MUCH faster than 100% of the population can speak.

    Just sayin'.