Sunday, November 22, 2009

So much...

In which I try to catch you up with several brief updates....

There was a trip to the hospital. My son twisted or pulled his neck trying some acrobatics on the trampoline. There were people taking their influenza on walks around the Emergency Room so the masks were a defense. He was fine so no worries.

My poor baby

I still have a job that is less than enjoyable
. Seriously. I need a different, better job. Like 2 months ago. Most places are hiring part-time and/or seasonal positions right now. Probably to avoid paying for benefits. I continue to work four days a week, ten hour shifts. Did I tell you my hours? Five in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. So, I climb in the back of the truck and take a nap on my lunch hour.


Halloween was super fun except I got entirely too intoxicated too fast. Because I do not have the "pace yourself" ability when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Which includes Jell-O shots. I lost count at 10 shots and 64 ounces of lemonade/vodka. Excessive? Why yes, thank you. It was good to see Matt again. I enjoyed myself.

Cowboy Matt

I had the flu. Not just any flu. I had the swine flu. The kids, thank goodness, had the vaccine. This flu is retched. Like worse than the normal flu. I missed an entire week of work. I slept from 4 in the afternoon on Sunday to 11:30 in the morning on Monday. AND I was still tired. I recovered. Now, I am picking up extra hours to try to make the money back that I lost by missing work. You know. At the job I despise. Yay!

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