Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I want to be a millionaire

So... Let's not get greedy. How about a thousand-naire

I have decided that I may need a change in my chosen area of employment. Although I actually like want I do, even though it's pretty stressful and redundant and thankless and so on. Also, it makes my butt hurt. *and not in a fun way* How many people call their tech support, for whatever product, then proceed to pretend that they not you are morons? How can people tell tech support they are wrong when you called them for help. Shut up and let me help you, for sobbing out loud!! *2 exclamation points because I really mean it* I have been rather irritable lately because my personal life is spilling over into my semi-professional life. Mainly, because I tend to be passive-aggressive and hold it ALL in until I am on the verge of exploding. I do that because it makes perfect sense to me. I'm neurotic and quite possibly a martyr.
*shutter* Lately, it's more bitch and less sweet. And I am usually sweet like candy. So, what the hell is my problem, aside from partial or run-on sentences? Eh, I do not know. I will continue to question that for a while and pretend that everything is fine while I make voodoo dolls of customers and poke them with pins. I will also text everyone that doesn't like me with messages like, "What up, biotch?" Because I don't even talk like that and it sounds annoying to me. Maybe. I will spill my guts on the blog and get all the kool-aid (what I call gossip or news because it's Juicy. "Oh yeah!" said in the voice of the Kool-aid man.) that is driving me nuts out of my head. Or I might write myself a letter. That's supposed to be therapeutic. *scoff* The point? There isn't one. Except, I was talking to a friend (that also works in the customer service field. Insurance to be exact) and we have decided to become independently wealthy. Like millionaire housewives. Only without the husband because we all know how I do with that. See here I think I will be trying to use the internet the way the internet has used me and make some dollars. We will see how that goes. *she says while rolling her eyes*

**** I felt the need to add some side comments****

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  1. The stress level up in this bitch is far too high for the low hourly rate. Far too high.